Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

[CD] Heather Nova - 300 Days At Sea (Deluxe Version)

2011 album from the Bermudian singer/songwriter. Heather Nova has been the shining light of the female singer/songwriter brigade for nearly two decades. Her soulful vocals, the particular combination of melodic Pop Rock and seemingly fragile lyricism and, above all, their natural stage presence, excites music critics and fans to this day. 300 Days At Sea is quite different from her earlier recordings made in London and LA: she wrote the songs for the album in idyllic isolation.

Track List
01.Beautiful Ride (4:26)
02.Higher Ground (4:16)
03.Stop the Fire (3:52)
04.Save a little Piece of tomorrow (4:56)
05.Everything changes (3:39)
06.Do something that scares you (4:32)
07.The Good Ship ‘Moon’ (3:44)
08.Turn The Compass Round (3:48)
09.Burning to Love (4:20)
10.I’d Rather Be (3:58)
11.Until The Race Is Run (4:26)
12.Stay (4:36)
13.Over You (4:18)
14.When the Music Stops (4:04)
15.Precious Thing (4.31)
Download : jarnawi.blogspot.com

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